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Wli Water Falls - Volta Region of Ghana
At four o’clock in the am I showered and threw on white khakis and the golden Markus Garvey Tee Shirt I bought from the Black Star Line Cooperative Credit Union. Read more

Honey from Kmt
By Mfundishi Jhutyms Salim, Kemetic High Priest

In 1862, Egyptologist Edwin Smith purchased an ancient scroll from a couple of vandals in Luxor, Egypt. About 70 years later, a University of Chicago scholar translated the text, which turned out to contain 48 medical case histories, recorded around 3000 more

Quests for Reincarnation - by A.S.
How do we know, When we die where we are going to go? How can we be absolutely sure, That we’ll come back new and pure? How can you tell, If we’re going to heaven or actually hell? Is there any way we can see, In our next lives what we’ll to be? Will we pick up from where we left off, Or have to be Read More

cut from a new cloth? Will our bases still be loaded with no one out, or will we have to start from round one of the bout? If one lived and died as murderers do, What will we be reborn to? If one went out in bullets of hail, Will he be born again in jail? If one lived a life of Love and Peace, Will what he sowed be what he reap? Less

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